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2021-2022 Annual Dues (New, Active, Inactive, Pre-Sustaining Members)

Annual membership dues payable May 1st for the membership year beginning June 1st.
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2021-2022 Annual Sustainer Dues

Sustainer Dues - Members who have completed five (5) years of service, including the New Member year, are eligible to become a Sustaining member.
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2021-2022 Dues Payment Intention

If you will NOT be paying your dues by credit card and instead use a check, corporate matching program, etc., please use this method to let the Admin know how to expect your payment.

Did you already plan to pay the full $250 dues? Use the entry below to add any amount over your dues payment. All funds will go towards Community Service, Caswell House or Grants, at the discretion of the AJF Board.


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