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Austin Junior Forum has not been spared by the global pandemic in 2020, and our beloved tradition of Christmas at Caswell was put on hold to ensure the health and safety of our members and guests. However, we are dedicated to maintaining support of Austin area nonprofit organizations by continuing our legacy of volunteerism and grant giving. 

All proceeds will go towards the AJF grant fund. We hope our supporters will take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to obtain festive flair for their homes or gift giving, all while benefiting women, children, and older adults in the Austin area! Sales begin November 11, will end December 1, and boxes containing the collections will be available for pickup or delivery (fee applies/see below) at select times December 5-7.

Quantity Price Name
online sales closed $30.00

Women and Red Wine

Cheers to the holiday season with our Women & Red Wine Collection.  This item includes a combination of 10 wood and glass hanging ornaments perfect for tree or room decoration. Fabric not included. WINE NOT INCLUDED. 

online sales closed $30.00

Women and White Wine

Cheers to the holiday season with our Women & Red Wine Collection.  This item includes a combination of 14 wood and glass wine themed hanging ornaments perfect for tree or room decoration. Fabric not included. WINE NOT INCLUDED. 

online sales closed $75.00

Whimsical Wonderland

Add some brightness to your 2020 holiday season with this array of colorful, whimsical ornaments. This box contains 17 different brightly colored glass and resin ornaments. This whimsical arrangement is sure to bring some joy to your holiday!
online sales closed $50.00

Sparkle and Shine

A collection of 11 items made to make your tree sparkle and shine. 5 glass bulbs, 1 snowflake, 1 bird, 3 wire bulbs. All gold and white with just the right amount of sparkle. Fabric not included.
online sales closed $75.00

Champagne Toast

The Champagne Toast collection includes a combination of ornaments and picks which will make your tree toast to holiday celebration. 9 champagne color glass ornaments and 5 crystal picks. Basket not included. Fabric not included.
online sales closed $45.00

Bird Collection

A collection of 11 ornaments intended to help your holiday decor take flight. This collection includes 3 nests with golden eggs, 3 glass bulbs, 2 glass owls, a snowflake, and a birdcage. Fabric not included. Wine not included.
online sales closed $40.00

Red-Y For The Holidays

Are you RED-dy for the Holidays…?

The box of RED Christmas ornaments is sure to bring the holiday red to your festive décor. This box contains a variety of 7 different ornaments that will bring both Sparkle and Shine!  Fabric not included.

online sales closed $150.00

A Toast To Christmas at Caswell

This STUNNING arrangement of ornaments and Christmas décor will be the highlight of your decorating season.  Share a toast to Christmas at Caswell with this assortment of champagne colored ornaments and tabletop items.  This box includes 17 different decorations, including owls, tiaras, velvet bells, and a gorgeous vase.  This one is a 1 of a kind and won’t last long!  Fabric not included. 

online sales closed $35.00

Shimmery Snow

This gorgeous arrangement of ornaments includes an array of shimmer and shine. If you are a fan of silver, white, and sparkles, this is the one for you! This box includes an assortment of 7 different ornaments. All are hanging ornaments.Fabric not included. Ornaments may be slightly different from what is pictured.
online sales closed $25.00

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue – a timeless classic…… This box of 4 ornaments includes a tiffany blue tree, snowflake, and 2 shiny blue and red themed ornaments. It’s small but mighty! Fabric not included.
online sales closed $40.00

Silver and White Snowflakes

6 ornaments total: 1 white sparkle snowflake. 3 Christmas balls with glitter snowflakes. 3 silver icicle shaped ornaments. Perfect for all of us dreaming of a White Christmas! Fabric not included.
online sales closed $60.00

Glitz and Glamour

13 ornaments total: A variety of silver sparkle rhinestone teardrop shaped ornaments, Christmas balls, and icicles.These ornaments will glam up any tree and provide an extra sparkle this holiday season!  Box not included. Fabric not included.

online sales closed $50.00

Home for the Holidays

11 ornaments total: Perfect arrangement for a classic Santa Claus Christmas and those decorating in RED! Fabric not included.
online sales closed $75.00

Saint Nick

7 ornaments total: These beautiful ornaments will enhance your Christmas tree to a beautiful sparkle snowscape. Fabric not included.
online sales closed $30.00

Sammy the Squirrel

Sammy (standing 8” tall) wants to join you in your home to welcome the holidays, your family and friends! He has exceptional taste and rather than acorns, he brings with him two bright green glass ornaments and a green and turquoise glass ornament! Fabric not included.
online sales closed $75.00

Let It Snowman

This cute bevy of snowmen is waiting to be adopted to brighten your home. Includes a glass snowman plate (10 1/2" tall), three wooden snowmen ornaments and three snowy red picks that will add holiday appeal to any item, as well as this 23” standing snowman and his “Let it Snow” ornament! Fabric not included.
online sales closed $40.00

Share the Joy

Jolly Ol’ St. Nick conveys a message we all need a bit more of this year! This wooden wall hanging is 15 1/2” X 15 1/2” and comes with three red and green picks with snowy berries and pinecones which can brighten any of your décor! Fabric not included.
online sales closed $50.00

Rudolph Collection

This elegant collection includes a chic Rudolph with a wintery blue background. The teal blue and red glass ornaments shine brightly and shimmer with a hint of silver. Three red picks clip into any décor, while the five teal, red and silver ornaments shine with a nostalgic feel that Rudolph thinks is just rosy! Fabric not included.
online sales closed $100.00

Snow Dream

Light up your holiday with this collection of snowy decorations! The 15” battery-operated tree lights up to brighten the icy pine needle picks (you’ll receive three) and warm your heart. You’ll find two elegant glass heart ornaments included along with three crystal icicle ornaments. Finally, add a little bling to your tree with this fur topped ornament as well as a shimmering metal reindeer! 

online sales closed $50.00

Winter Wonderland

This stunning collection replete with a handsome reindeer and icy light-up tree beckons winter with beautiful icicles streaming from three picks. The shimmering reindeer stands 14” tall next to the 20” tree. Add this collection to your own winter wonderland! 
online sales closed $65.00

Santa's On His Way

Santa will love his cookies served on this 15" Jolly Holiday glass tray offering up an old-fashioned appeal with a fir tree-hauling pickup truck! Santa (cute tin ornament) is watching over this collection which includes two wooden mitten ornaments, a wooden tree ornament, a corrugated tin ornament offering Homemade Reindeer Treats. Five showy poinsettia picks will brighten any corner in your holiday home!
online sales closed $5.00

Changing Thymes Cookbook

Find our favorite holiday recipes in the Austin Junior Forum cookbook that brought the Caswell House to life!

Raffle Ticket

Raffle tickets - $5 each.

Raffle drawing will be held December 3rd.  Winners will be notified

Raffle winners can pick up their items on Saturday, Dec. 5th or Sunday, Dec. 6th at the Caswell House.

Raffle Item #1 - Holly Jolly

Who doesn’t love holly, snowmen, and more snowmen???  This gorgeous raffle item is full of surprises that are sure to brighten up your holiday display.  This box includes 19 different items, including 9 snowman ornaments,  holiday holly berry picks, whimsical tree ornaments, and holly berry ornaments.  This one will be in high demand so load up on those raffle tickets to increase your chances to win! Fabrics not included. Value $150.

Raffle Item #2 - Christmas in the Big Easy

Black.  Gold.  Big Easy classics. This raffle item is loaded with gorgeous black and gold ornaments and beads!  This box contains 11 different items including 9 sparkling ornaments and 2 strands of beads. There’s only ONE of these, and it will be highly coveted.  Load up on raffle tickets to increase your chances to win! Value $100.

Raffle Item #3 - Let it Snow
Total Elegance.  This raffle item contains the beauty and elegance that will put a smile on your heart. Just look at that gorgeous wreath!  This box contains a variety of 7 sparkling ornaments and 1 icicle tipped wreath.  There’s only ONE of these so be sure to load up on raffle tickets to increase your chances to win! Value $105.

Raffle Item #4 - Enchanted Christmas
8 items total: 6 ornaments and 2 table toppers. This magical enchanted White Christmas could be yours! Enter to win these items. Value $175.
online sales closed $5.00 Raffle Item #1 - Holly Jolly
online sales closed $5.00 Raffle Item #2 - Christmas In the Big Easy
online sales closed $5.00 Raffle Item #3 - Let it Snow
online sales closed $5.00 Raffle Item #4 - Enchanted Christmas
online sales closed $15.00


Pick up times are below. Pickup will be at the Caswell House, 1404 West Avenue, Austin. 

Saturday, Dec 5;  10am - 2pm

Sunday, Dec 6; 10am - 2pm

Monday, Dec 7; 5pm - 8pm

If you are unable to pick up during these times, please choose the 'delivery' option and Austin Junior Forum will deliver to your door!

Delivery is limited to 25 miles from the Caswell House (1404 West Avenue, Austin). Due to the fragility of some items, we are unable to offer shipping.

In addition to your purchases, would you like to make a donation directly to AJF's grants program?  If so, you may enter the dollar amount you would like to donate.  Thank you!


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