Using Our Powers for Good (#powers4good)

We are a consortium of women that take our everyday skills (#powers) and use them for good (4good) in the Austin community. Working together, we turn our own power into superpowers to support the needs of women, children, and the elderly.

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Making a Difference

by Tonya Riley


As members of Austin Junior Forum

we serve our community in a variety of ways.

Which begs the question:

Why serve? Why help?

Why give forth your time?

Those questions can be answered by another –

What is your reason for being?


Not everyone can be world renown,

but every one can be known to another.

Why serve?

Because of one word –


But for the Grace of God go I.

We all need a bit of charity at some point in time.

But which definition of charity are we giving?

The charity that gives our unwanted items to those who won’t help themselves,

or the charity that helps another out when life gets tough,




So what have we done?

What did you do?

Did you cook a good meal for a family in despair?

Hoping, praying that their child would soon be home,

not there.


Did you show a teenage girl

how normal her life can be

if just given a chance,

regardless of her situation and circumstance?

Laughing and dancing,

making a craft or two.

Yes, you deserve to be wined and dined;

Yes, even you.


Did you make sure students started the school year off right,

with new pencils and pens,

papers and folders

that we packed up with care?

They even got new underwear --

at least 2 pair!


Did you teach good manners –

Please pass the butter –

Which fork? Which knife?

We’re supposed to cut green beans?!


Did you bake a cupcake

or cut a two step?

Did you create a new memory to replace those

that life has caused them to forget?


Did you help impart a love of books

and an appreciation of the knowledge within?

Because reading is fundamental,

and essential,

for literacy allows you to write your own story.

Who knows how it will end?


Did you deliver meals or groceries

for the elderly and their pets?

Sometimes your smile and visit

is the only one they will get.


Did you raise money for teddy bears

to soothe a scared little soul?

Did you wrap gifts for children

who didn’t have another to wrap gifts for them?

Did you help give out groceries to someone who might have none?

Did you help a special needs child have a little bit of fun?


You did.  We did.

So let’s raise our glasses

And have a sip, or two,

Knowing all of this was possible

Because of you, and you, and you.


So while this is the ending,

it’s also the start.

The start of a new year

of service from the heart.


For we now know what is possible

if we do as we should –

When we all come together,

and use our Powers for Good!

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