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Support the Austin Junior Forum

Consider making a cash donation to support the Austin Junior Forum's mission of supporting women, children, and the elderly in the Austin, Texas, area through community service and fund raising.


Teddy Bear Program

Support the Austin Junior Forum Teddy Bear Program!

The Austin Junior Forum Teddy Bear Program provides Teddy Bears & Dalmatians for local public safety agencies to give to children involved in traumatic events. These stuffed animals have a calming effect, providing comfort and something tangible to hold during times of crisis.

Our annual fundraiser, held each spring, is a fun, family-friendly event that raises money for Austin Junior Forum to buy Teddy Bears for the Austin Police Department, Travis County Sheriff's Office, & Austin-Travis County EMS, and Dalmatians for the Austin Fire Department. We hope you'll join us for this year’s event!

You can donate to the Teddy Bear Program any time of year, and we will put your donation of any amount to good use for the children of central Texas!


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